New Post Series-Virtual Coffee Chat and my outfit!

So I've been incredibly inspired as of late by my favorite blogger-Fresh Modesty
She talked recently on how she feels she should be talking more about what she's for, versus what she's against. And I totally agree! And I'd like to copy her in a way. 
I would be so appreciative if all of you ladies reading this would drop me a quick comment and tell me at least one topic you'd like me to cover.

This is in not my way  of saying I'm " better than you" or more spiritual! Far from it, I'm not! I'll be the first to tell you I'm only forgiven, not perfect. 
I would like to take a turn to more of a mentoring on this blog. It's my desire to come alongside (young ladies especially) and help them. Let's face it, life's rough! Without Jesus, I have nothing to live for. Sometimes in our Christian life, we can feel very alone, as if our convictions and morals are adopted by no one but ourselves. But that's not true! 

I'm open to any topic-be it clothes, family, guys etc. just let me know what matters the most to you. 
What do you struggle with, how can I help? Sometimes we just need someone there that says "yeah, I go through that a lot! But this is what helped me...." Ultimately, if you're up to it, I'd like to have a forum going, ladies commenting and contributing to the conversation. 
I'm calling this "Virtual Coffee Chat"- because that's what I'd love to do with each one of you. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your name, you can always use anonymous commenting. I only ask you keep question/topics appropriate for all eyes. So....comment away! 
And in case inquiring minds want to know- shirt-thrifted $3.99//skirt-thrifted $3.99//boots-Forever 21 $20


THM 6 Month Update!


After THM:

You ask, therefore you receive! Many of you have been requesting more posts on THM- something I'm very happy to comply with! Seriously, once I start you'll probably want to shut me up...

My journey to better health, though I'm not yet 20, has been long and full of mistakes. I've never been an extremely overweight person, but I could tell I was still overweight. Nobody knew my body like I did, I carry weight well, so people didn't think I had anything to lose. However, after losing about 27lbs with THM, I feel so much better! 

My failed attempts of my health journey started back in 2010, I basically tried to lose weight by exercising extremely intensely. I lost about 20lbs (I guesstimate) but then hit a plateau. But still, I hung in there. I'm ashamed to say I pushed myself further than I should've. My body basically couldn't handle the stress I was putting on it. I've since self diagnosed myself with adrenal fatigue (brought on by exercise). I've researched many different types of "diets" (even went off of sugar...for three days lol!). I toyed with the idea of clean eating, but seriously...that food isn't the most appetizing on the planet! The more I researched healthy eating, the more frustrated I became, is anything ok to eat?! On top of that, I was having horrible blood sugar crashes that caused me basically to be incredibly air headish and unable to think (not a good thing, especially behind the wheel of a car!) Enter Trim Healthy Mama in August 2013. I can't express to you how excited I was to find this book.

I held off buying the book, because they used stevia for a sweetener (something I assumed was just like Splenda). I did a bit of research and discovered stevia is a plant-not a man made calorie free sweetener. I was in! I was able to grasp the basic concepts pretty well and mom and I dabbled in it for a few weeks. We decided to start after vacation, which ended up being about the end September. 
I've lost 27lbs, yes, but the best thing is not feeling deprived, or guilty! I used to feel so ashamed about what I was putting into my body, but I didn't know what to do about it! Through THM, I've learned how to pair foods to lose weight, stay healthy and enjoy food! 

I'm planning on doing a few posts on THM, but for now:
Pros and cons of THM

Pros: you get to eat super yummy food! 
It's a way of eating I can continue for many years to come.
I've lost weight.
You can eat fat and carbs, just not together.
My out of control blood sugar is now under control!
You can eat anything, there are just some things to stay away from for better health and weight management.
I DO cheat once a week, which is a personal choice-but I don't feel guilty doing it! Your next meal is only 3 hours away.
My acne has all but cleared up (I have occasional hormonal breakouts, but they heal very quickly.)
My nails are growing like they used to when I was little, very fast!
I wear the smallest size I've ever worn in my life! 
I'm off of sugar!

While I love this program, there a few cons.
Getting off of sugar is horrid! It's seriously like a drug.
It does require extra work to eat healthier.
There's a learning curve in using new ingredients (stevia, almond flour etc.)
The first meals we made were...disgusting! The key is to first adapt the food to what you've been eating, then add new meals.
Sugar is in a lot of things you wouldn't suspect-like peanuts!

I'll stop blabbing now, but I would love to hear about your health journey! Are you on THM? Thinking about it? I'd be happy to answer any questions,just leave a comment!


Perfection Is Overrated-Your Opinion Is NOT!

This post is a bit late, considering a took these almost a month ago and I'm sitting here in 60 deg weather (my favorite tempature) with flip flops on! Nevertheless, the post must go on! 

The temptation to portray perfection through a style blog is always there, something to be fought rather than give in to. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist, which is good in some instances, bad in others! I've always wanted to be one of those ladies who has beautiful, flawless, professional photos. Alas, I'm not. Period. 

But I have been wondering how I could improve my blog- what would you like to see more of? Casual clothes? Sunday best? Events? Lend me your genius and leave a comment with ideas! As always, your opinion is highly valued a sought after! Don't be afraid to nicely tell me things you haven't been liking too! 


Congratulations Rebecca Rash!

Congratulations to Rebecca Rash! You won the be the light tee giveaway! 
I've emailed you, please respond ASAP so I can get it off to you! 
Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! 


Floral, Black And JalapeƱo Poppers Are Cancer Fighting?

While crying happy spicy food heat induced tears last night, I jokingly said "I should look up health benefits of jalapeƱos, maybe they fight cancer!" Then laughed it off. Guess what? Turns out, they do!! Seriously! They have a healthy dose of vitamins (A,D,E and C!) help you feel satiated (full), boost your metabolism AND they help fight certain cancer cells! What?!? Seriously, as if I needed another reason to eat them! ; ) 

And you'll be glad to know that eating more will eventually dull the "spicy food senses" in the tongue! 

Onto outfit details (since this is a fashion blog) 
I purchased this skirt at Rue 21 for $3! Unfortunantely, it wasn't a great purchase since I couldn't seem to find a shirt the color of any of the flowers! So I settled for my black shirt. I seem to be destined for outfit simplicity....

Do you like spicy foods?

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