What I Wear-Autumn Fashion Event Day 2


Today is day 2 of Ashley's Autumn Fashion event.
This morning was on the cooler side, so I opted for a more Fall-ish look this time. I purchased this black blazer at Ross last month for $12.99 and it's the first time I've worn it. It fits beautifully and I'm pretty sure you're going to get sick of seeing this jacket. 

I'm experimenting with braids lately, which is fun. I actually braided my hair last night, then put it in a headband curl. Braids are one of those super easy hairstyles that look like I spent hours on my hair. (Reality is I spent five minutes while watching White Collar...) 

Do you have any braided hairstyles for me to try? 
I'm wearing-Black blazer-Ross $12.99//Bold Floral Print Tunic-Zulilly $10//Boots-Herbergers $35 


What I Wear-Autumn Trends Event Day 1


I'm making my attempt at joining Ashley's Fall blog event. The only snag is that it's currently 80 deg. where I live! While I'd love to wear a sweater or a pair of boots, it's not feasible today. Tomorrow is forecasted as 54 and rain, so maybe I'll get to wear long sleeves at the very least. 

So I picked this outfit because it has a sort of Fall "vibe" to it. The darker colors, scarf and closed toe shoes felt sort of Fall-ish to me. 

Funny secret about my scarf, promise you won't tell? Well, okay I'll tell you. I had a striped skirt that hit mid calf, an unflattering length. So I snipped it off and 'voila-presto! A striped scarf. How very classy of me. Haha! 
I'm wearing: striped "scarf"-$?//Navy T-shirt-Old Navy $8//Black Pencil Skirt-Maurices $10//Vintage Style $?


What I Wear-Fresh Modesty Copycat And Wet Cement


If you follow me in Instagram, you already got a sneak peek of this outfit. Putting it together, I thought "This looks like something Olivia of Fresh Modesty would wear." So I guess this is my copycat Olivia outfit. 

I thank you all for your encouraging words last post. It really has been a crazy bezerk year! 
I'm happy to say that our visit to a local church Sunday was encouraging, it was nice to see a lot of young people at church. It sometimes seems like the younger generation is running out of church with no looking back. I was listening to a podcast sermon last week and the pastor referred to the young people of the church as "wet cement." I loved that analogy! But it's also a great reminder not to let the wrong kind of people out footprints and impressions in our "cement." 

  It's so weird right now, I feel like I'm in a totally different place, excited to see what God has in store for me. Life is a constant ebb and flow of different experiences, people and feelings. I know some 
people aren't too keen on change, but I find I rather like it. 

“Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different...” 
C.S. Lewis

I'm wearing: Royal blue cardigan $3.00 thrifted//polka dot tunic-$3 thrifted//ripped capris-$? 


What I Wear-Awkward Seasons Of Life...


I'm not sure that I ever mentioned that my dad closed our church down in June. Sometimes I'm not sure how much personal stuff I should or want to share. Anyways....
My dad felt like God was telling him we were done. Since then it's been rather strange for me. I never had the choice of where to go to church, it was always the one my dad pastored. Now I'm in a different season of life. We decided it would be a good idea to go to another city and attend church there for the Summer, get a break and allow people from our church to find their churches first. 
Now comes the cooler weather and with it a question. Where to now?  
In visiting churches I've found something lacking: friendliness. 
   It's bizarre for me being a visitor, my whole life my dad was a pastor, so I'm on the other side of things. The feeling of being out of place, awkward and unsettled. I wanted to take this opportunity and to ask something of you. Tomorrow when you go to church, say hello to someone you've never talked too before. I can't tell you how much means to have someone just say, "Hello." Our society today is very self focused and not so hot at reaching out. 
Introduce yourself and at least say "Hello." I promise it will mean a lot to that person.

On a fashion blogger note: I had to include this photo....
I do the strangest things with my feet...

I'm wearing: shirt-forever 21 $5//Shorts-Aeropostale $10//Shoes Skechers $?


Overdue Dress Review K Couture


Today I get to share this beautiful red dress from K Couture.
They've been so patient with me in getting this dress review on, as it's taken me far too long to do so. 

My Grandpa passed away and this dress arrived just shortly before, so it got swept under the rug a bit. But I determined tonight to sit my rear down and write this. 

Here goes-I had a great experience with this company. The dress fits beautifully and it was just plain fun ordering it. You get to customize your dress, down to color, neckline and sleeves! 
They sell these dresses for formals. I think it would be awesome to use this company for a wedding, since you could customize each one based on personal modesty beliefs. 
The fabric feels high quality and the dress is exactly what I expected to receive. I highly recommend K Couture for your bridesmaid, formal, or just a cute dress need. 

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