What I Wear-Floral Dress And Lace Crop Top


This lace crop top is actually serving two purposes-1. It's cute and breaks up the pattern. 2. It's covering up the fact that this dres is just a bit too snug in the bust area. It fits, but the buttons gap, which I'm not comfortable with. So 'voila! Instant fit fixer. 

My excuse for not posting much lately is that it's been too hot! I've pretty much been living in shorts and a tank top or tshirt. Who wants to see that for ten posts in a row?! 
But thankfully with the hot weather come lots of festivals and fun. 
My mom, siblings and I were able to watch Inside Out at the drive in theater-so fun! Have any of you seen Inside Out? Such a cute movie. 

Do you have any sneaky "fit fixer" tips? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear your tip. 
I'm wearing-floral dress-thrifted $3.99//White lace crop top-Debs $5 


What I Wear-"Feels Like Me" and Meeting Raquel

For some unknown reason, I really love this dress! It just feels like "me." It's obviously too short to wear by itself, so I wore black leggings underneath for coverage. Considering I scored this dress for $3.99 at Goodwill, how can I go wrong wearing it? Truly though, it's one of those awesome pieces that doesn't need a lot of accessories, just a grab and go outfit. 

I'm late posting (I know, shame on me!). Lately posts get up when they get up. I've been pretty busy and this nasty 95deg, + days are not helping matters. FYI- I'm threatening to move to Alaska (jk). 
On a completely different, totally unrelated side note, I got to visit with Raquel when she was in town last week. This was our first time meeting in person, which was pretty awesome. We had coffee and just talked. it's always fun meeting people who I've talked to/read on the internet, much better in person though :) 


What I Wear-How To Wear Shorts Modestly


Im sure you clicked and were like "What?! Shorts?! Aren't those immodest?" My answer would be-no. There are certain items the modest community dismiss straight away, no questions asked. 
I don't wear skirts very far above my knee. My reasoning is that if I bend over, a skirt is going to show a lot more than I'm going to be okay with. Shorts are a different story, I have to feel comfortable in them, I can't be constantly tugging them down. About two-three inches below my finger tips (with arms at my sides) is as short as I would ever go. Some people won't agree with me, some women don't believe pants are okay. 

I hope that everyone feels safe here, that no one has to feel like they have to dress a certain way (except what The Lord personally leads you to). Dressing for other people, letting others tell you what is and isn't modest, nope-not the answer. If you don't own your convictions, you'll easily drop them. 
Being swayed too easily will cause you to be tossed about, decide what modest is to you-and own it! 

Do you wear shorts? Why or why not?

I'm wearing-striped shirt-Ross $5.00//White shorts-Eddie Bauer $10//flip flops-Skechers $39


What I Wear-Embracing Simplicity


My last post I talked about "Dressing Your Truth." 
It's pretty neat, one of the keywords that describe type 4 is simple. That's so me! I used to feel bad about not wearing more jewelry, now I know if I think it's too much, it probably is.

It's cut my getting dressed time in half, seriously! Why? I think because all my items thus far go together. I pretty much I put an outfit on, jewelry, maybe some makeup and go.
It's given me an excuse to purge my closet. Painful as it was, I needed to do it. I went through my clothes and pulled anything out I haven't worn in a while, or never wore. I also donated a bunch of my jewelry that just wasn't "me." 

When was the last time you purged your closet? 

I'm wearing-royal blue shirt-Ross $6//White Skirt-Thrifted $3.99//Flip flops-Skechers $39
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Guest Post-happyinheels

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