What I Wear-Modesty Makes You Ashamed Of Your Body?


For some reason I've seen a lot of articles lately with titles something like, "Why teaching Christian modesty makes women ashamed of their bodies." These articles deeply sadden me, to say the least. 

Modesty within the Christian realm has become a term that stirs varied emotions. I can totally understand that some women have been burned by churches, mean spirited people and people who are well meaning, yet out of line. Words can be hurtful, yet we throw them about with hardly a second thought. 

I wanted to share my personal feelings on this. I don't ever want a single one of you to be ashamed of your body! That's actually against biblical principles (I.E-you're made in the image of God, your body is a temple, not to mention being grateful for what you have.) 

God made each one of you absolutely stunning, never be ashamed of that. When we talk about modesty, it's not for the sake of hiding your body, you should treasure the amazing gift God has given you. Part of treasuring that gift is avoiding revealing every aspect of your body, partly with modest apparel. By dressing modestly you're actually showing those around you that you treasure your body, not that you're ashamed! It's like wearing a billboard that says "I respect myself and don't need to show you every curve and inch of my body."  
You're a beautiful, stunning, wondrous child of God-act like it! 

Do you think modesty makes you ashamed of your body? 

What I Wear-Help Me and Walking Through Tshirt


This outfit is a great example of something I wear around the house, minus the cardigan on most days.  I chose to go with a casual outfit, pairing my pink cardigan with this awesome new trendy tshirt Walking Through sent me. I've worn this shirt numerous times since receiving it, it's incredibly comfy and versatile. I also love that the sleeves are cap sleeves, something missing from most Christian tshirt companies styles. I really don't like the regular tshirt sleeves, give me cap sleeves and day! For me, they just seem more feminine as well.
Never heard of Walking through? That's because they're new! Here's a little about The Christian tshirt company; 
Walking Through Co. A Christian brand style of clothing where people would be proud to show their faith. 
Our Mission: is to praise the lord and bring back the passion of our faith.
 Our Vision:To run a successful business where we would be lucky to give back.
Psalm 23 "The lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He lead me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil, for you are with me,your rod and your staff they comfort me..."  
This Bible verse has so much meaning to me because when my dad was passing, he 
wanted me to read it to him every couple of hours.It brought him comfort and solace. One month after my dad passed,  my church wrote a news article  titled "Walking Through the Valley".Through this article I found comfort in reading the messages saying that even when we Walk Through the darkest valley,we are not stuck in the valley, just merely walking through. As we go through difficult times, God is teaching us to become humble and respect and value others and their journey. He carries us through the valley so we can empathize and help others through their own valleys. 
Mark Sardina, Founder & CEO

I've been trying to (trying being the keyword) do more things with my hair. So I French braided my bangs and the front portion of my hair the night before, then put my hair in "headband curls" (tutorial HERE). I'm sooo unimaganitive when it comes to my hair-any ideas on what I could try? They'd be so appreciated!


My thoughts on a controversial/heated discussion-Guest Post!

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Guest post at "Uniquely You"
Head over there and read my thoughts in skirts vs. pants! While you're at it, follow Ellie for even more modest fashion!


What I Wear-My Patchwork Eternity Scarf And Kosher Casual

Today's post features the debut of two items-this awesome skirt sent to me from Kosher Casual and the patchwork eternity scarf I crocheted.

Firstly, I've worn this skirt numerous times, but just now got photos! I apologize that they're indoors, but I couldn't convince my photographer (aka my younger sister!) to put her shoes on and go outside. I'm hoping to maybe get a post up with different ways to wear this skirt-keep your fingers crossed! 
I love the dark wash, makes it easier to transition from casual to a more dressed up look. It's awesome fabric and fits like a dream! My only "complaint" is that the lack of a slit-which is good for modesty's sake, also makes me feel like a penguin...apparently I walk with rather large steps and having no slit cuts my stride in like half. So-overall? A beautiful skirt, high quality and adorable. 

As I mentioned before, I made this scarf after seeing one at Herbergers. I didn't want to pay $45, so I bought yarn and crocheted one instead. Basically I just made it in sections, crocheting it to the previous piece. I'm very pleased with how it came out! 

How was everyone's thanksgiving? We truly have much to be grateful for in the US. We whine about small things sometimes, yet forget the big stuff we're blessed with! What are you most thankful for?


What I Wear-feminine grunge? And blogging app victory!


So I think I finally figured out how to adjust the images in the Blogger app on my iPad so it keeps the original image resolution. Yay! It was frustrating to have high quality photos from my phone, but then upload it to my app and have it blurry. So I had time to sit down and. Googled my issue, found out the iPad app has a little gear in the left corner (the iPhone app doesn't) where you can tell it to keep the image resolution of the original photo. So, if you're like me and using the app, maybe that will help.

I would really appreciate if you would let me know how the photos look on your computer-too big? just right? That would help me out so much, since I don't have a desktop computer for internet anymore. 

It's sort of strange to me that Blogger hasn't caught up with technology. I mean, I can't be the only who blogs from my phone! 

Today was spent in counting down the hours till I'm off for the long weekend, whilst baking various THM Thanksgiving dishes. We're planning a "crossover" thanksgiving. "What does that mean?" You ask? Well, instead of separating the fat and carbs (which is basically what helps us lose weight) we're eating them together. So the dishes will still be healthy, just not weight loss promoting. Last year we ate like we used to, felt SICK (more than a usual Thanksgiving gluttony episode). And just overall didn't enjoy it. So I made: S pumpkin pie, cheesecake and chocolate chip pumpkin bread. 

And currently I'm going off to eat dinner, chill out and perhaps watch a movie. Today, I'm thankful for; a warm house, plenty of food and a long weekened to rest! 

What are your plans this weekend? Do you get a long weekend? 
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