What I Wear-In Love With eShakti!


This beautiful dress was given to me by eShakti for my honest review. I can 100% say this dress (you can buy it HERE) is the best dress evah! Usually with white dresses (or shirts, etc.) the fabric is so thin I have to wear something under it. With this dress? Nope. It's thick enough to wear by itself with nothing showing through, yet not so heavy it's too warm. This dress will be perfect heading into Summer.

Why buy from eShakti? They have beautiful, high quality clothes, yes. But they also cater to the modest fashion conscious. With this dress, I was able to indicate that I wanted knee length, I chose the sweetheart neckline and the sleeves are also customizable (I stuck with what they had on the stock photo). The best part of this dress? Two awesome deep pockets for a cell phone and keys (sadly lacking in other dresses/skirts). 

The dresses are pretty expensive, but they have this awesome deal going that you can get a $40 gift card if you've never shopped with them before. On top of that, they have a sale going on for up to
50% off! 
Hypothetically you could get a beautiful dress for under $20 plus shipping (and you get free customization of your first order!) like one of these:
Floral Dress $59.95-$40GC= $19.95   Yellow dress $44.95-$40GC=$4.95 

Denim flare skirt $59.95-$40GC=$19.95      Dress $47.95-$40GC=$7.95

you're welcome for tempting you with these beauties! I should mention the sale is only for another day, so don't procrastinate! 

Have you ever shopped with eShakti before?


What I Wear-Fashion Bucket List!

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As Spring rolls along, I find myself staring into my closet, first checking the weather on my phone. Seriously, it's that bad! One day it's gorgeous, the next it's snowing and then back again. I can't complain too much, I'm incredibly blessed to live in picturesque Montana. 

Life has been insane lately, hopping from one project to the next! I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday on Wednesday. I'm turning 21. 21! Seriously? I feel like I just turned 16! 
My message to you gals reading this (who're younger than me): enjoy your life. I was so stressed about my future before I graduated, I didn't enjoy that time in my life. The future will come soon enough, if you're seeking God, reading your Bible and praying, you have nothing to fear. Time goes by, things that seem like a huge deal at one age, are inconsequential the next year. 

Total bounce of subjects here but, this year I want to try different things fashion wise. 
I want to try pattern mixing, branch out and try different styles of clothing. 

What else should be on my "fashion bucket list"?

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In the words of By Joanna Fuchs: Mom, “I wish I had words to tell how much you mean to me.I am the person I am today, because you let me be.” Mother’s Day is just five days away. It’s also next week’s deadline to submit your best blog post for this digest! Many of us learned how to dress modestly because of our mother’s example. We may not have followed her ways growing up. Some of us may not have had a good example, or even a mother at all. At least at this point of our lives, we ourselves, as women of God, have made a stand to be virtuous and modest in character and in our clothing. For all the mothers out there, bless you and thank you. This week’s digest is for you.
Modest Fashion Network is a brand new global community for fashionistas who honor their bodies by clothing themselves with dignity and purity.
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What I Wear-More Controversy...You Know Me!


Submission is one of those incredibly sticky and controversy filled subjects. "But submission is only for married women!" Yeah, not so much. I'm assuming a great portion of you are single (as I am), so don't exit out of this post just yet! 

Often submission is portrayed as an overbearing, ogre of a man who walks all over his wife, sits eating Cheetos while his wife cleans around him, wiping the running nose of a screaming child. Except this isn't what submission is about! I struggle with submission every single day, whether it's submission to my father, or mother. I have an....shall I be nice to myself and call it an "independent spirit"? Through prayer and relying on God I've gotten better, but I'm far from perfect at it. 

I believe the struggle for headship and control started in the garden of Eden. Eve decided to take control and tell Adam what to eat. The end result was sin being introduced, yes. But also the struggle for control. 

There's a difference between submitting and being a doormat. Feminism teaches that we're equal to a man, in that aspect I agree. But where my beliefs differ from a feminist, is the whole "We're equal, so that means you can't ever tell me what to do." Yep, that's where we differ! You wouldn't say the president is "better" than everyone else, yet we submit to him every day in the form of laws and rules. 
Why are fathers and husbands any different? 

Submission is two people, equal in intelligence and importance, yet completely different in their roles and headship. 

Not two people, one inferior the other superior. 

                   What do you think? 

I'm wearing-Purple V-neck shirt from Rue 21 $3//Thrifted Tribal Print Skirt $3//Black Murices belt-came with a dress//brown winter sketchers boots $45


What I Wear-Casual Tie Dye Skirt And Tank Tops


I'm not sure why it is, but I'm always hesitant to post sleeveless shirts on my blog. I feel like sleeveless shirts have gotten a bad rep from women in the modest fashion community. 

Please realize I'm not saying everyone should wear sleeveless shirts, or even that all sleevess shirts are in fact modest. If you feel that sleeveless shirts aren't modest for you, I'm cool with that! It just saddens me to see others post sleeveless shirts on their modest fashion blogs, only to be attacked by the commenters for wearing it.
 I don't believe that's the way it should be. We should certainly encourage one another to dress modestly, even point out sometimes if something isn't very modest. But we must do it in love! If you're ripping into someone and making them feel awful for wearing a sleeveless shirt, where has that gotten you? You've hurt that persons feelings, driven a wedge between you and them and possibly scarred them. I don't think we are thorough enough whilst choosing words when we comment. It's easy to type and hit 'send.' It's not easy to stop and think "Is this helping, or harming?" 

So for clarification purposes, I love tank tops and sleevess shirts. It's awesome to be able to don one and head out for a nice sun bath without getting a farmers tan. I do have a few tips for sleeveless shirts.

1. My under apparel cannot show (I think it's rather distasteful, in addition to being immodest, for me)
2. A Halftee covers up straps nicely on a thinner strapped shirt. 
3. Only wear it if you're comfortable in it! 

So that's my views on sleeveless shirts! 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on sleeveless shirts. 

Do you wear sleeveless shirts? If not, I'd love to hear your reasons too. 

I'm wearing-black tank top-Wal Mart $5//Pink Tie Dye Skirt-Ross $10.99//teva $32
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