What I Wear-Casual Apparel And Changing The World


What if I told you that the body of Christ (the church) could be totally revived? What if I told you there's still hope that we can change the world? How about an interesting fact that one person can hold back an entire church? It's true! 
The Lord has really been convicting me lately that the problems going on in the church body collectively in America isn't the body as a whole's fault. It my fault! It's your fault. 
Too often we look to others to change, to be the first one; to move first, speak first, grow first, change first. When the reality is, one person can be the detriment or blessing of an entire church body.
We look at others and wonder why they won't change-but what about me? 
C.S Lewis said in his book, Mere Christianity, that the thing that irritates us the most in others, is probably our own biggest weakness.
It's sooo easy to find fault in others-how often do I look close to home? In the mirror perhaps? 

Apparently this is a C.S Lewis quote post (ahem) but another quote that truly stuck with me is that C.S Lewis wrote something like, "Instead of comparing ourselves to other fallen creatures, who when we compare ourselves to these people, we think 'hey, I'm not nearly so bad as so and so!' We should hold ourselves to the only try standard of goodness and beauty-God. I don't know about you, but I look pretty shabby next to the Savior of the world!
If we hold ourselves to that standard, instead of other people, if you allow God to work in and through you as a willing vessel-I guarantee you'll change the church, change you, change the world.
He's only a prayer away. 
How awesome is our God?! 

Let me know your thoughts on this! I'd love to hear them.


What I Wear-Tunic, Skinny Jeans and THM Stevia Discussion


Many of you have expressed an interest in hearing more about THM (Trim Healthy Mama). I'm always hesitant to call it a "diet" since that particular word conjures up ideas of starving yourself and eating only broccoli for two weeks straight. I usually refer to it as my lifestyle, but of course it's the way I eat (my diet).

I remember the one thing that held me back from trying THM out was the use of Stevia. I'd always assumed certain things about it; it's an artificial sweetner, it's bad for you, it's just like Splenda...the list goes on. When in fact the truth is: none of that was true! It's not artificial, reputable companies don't bleach it white, it's that way from the plant (the sweetest part). It's most certainly not like Splenda! Splenda is man made, stevia is a plant. 
  There's actually no scientific studies that show it's harmful (unless you consume excessive amounts-like we're talking huge amounts of stevia in one sitting!) 
There are of course tons of old wives tales and myths floating around-as with anything. It's been used for centuries in other countries! The only true "side effect" of stevia-is that some people are allergic to it (particularly those allergic to the ragweed family). And the myth about stevia making you feel full is ridiculous! I eat like a horse...enough said?! Also be careful to buy only pure stevia (nothing added). THM has their own sweetner actually! 

In stark contrast to sugar, stevia has benefits; it's zero calorie, zero carb, has no effect on blood sugar, will lower abnormally high blood pressure, but do nothing to normal blood pressure, beneficial for teeth and...well-you get the idea! It's a pretty awesome sweetner! 

I would love to discuss this further with you, leave a comment with your thoughts on stevia!

I'm wearing: denim vest-Ross? $10//dress-hand me down//jeans- borrowed//boots-Keens $95 


What I Wear-Optical Illusion Maxi Skirt


I'm not entirely sure you can even see it in the photos, but skirt moves. It's super weird! I've been wanting a black and white chevron skirt for quite some time now, I found this one for $6 at Vanity. Then, looking in the mirror as I was trying it on-it's like 3-D or something. So, I guess I have the ability to make people sick with my skirt as I walk...

Moving on...
Life has been pretty insane lately! Seems like we're constantly going somewhere (be it running parts, doing school, bookwork, etc.) I had a near panic attack last week when Quickbooks told me I didn't have Microsoft Viewer (meaning I couldn't file any payroll tax forms) I searched for hours online trying to fix it, with the outcome being that I had to transfer to a new computer, which (thankfully!) fixed the problem! Now to wipe the old one, which I'm pretty sure has a virus since it was downloading games...

I'm not sure I've ever shared on here my obsession with Nancy Drew PC games-have I? They're one of my favorite games, they're awesome because you have to actually think. Most video games are pretty mindless (they have their place too I suppose). 

I'm also very into crocheting currently! I'm attempting to make an eternity scarf I saw at Herbergers ($40? I think I'll make one thank you!) it's sort of patchwork, with three different colors in the same scarf. Sounds odd, but it's super cute! 

Do you crochet?
Anyone else played Nancy Drew games? 


What I Wear-Palazzo Pants And Your Advice Needed

I'm wearing: blue jean vest-Ross $10//White Shirt-?//Palazzo Pants-TJ Maxx $10

I thought it might be fun to start a discussion in this post. I was recently reading a website where a ton of girls were giving one another beauty/fashion advice, which I thought was awesome!
   That got me to thinking that I have some pretty awesome readers. So...I want you to share your beauty/fashion tips. What's one (or two, or ten!) things that may be obvious, but rock your world? 

I'll start-Halftee! Seriously, I got a gift card for Christmas and recently purchased 3 brown Halftees (tank top, cap sleeve and long sleeve.) THEY ARE AWESOME! Versatile, useful, a great modesty tool. 

I also have a fashion question! In previous Winters I've worn cheapy boots, which kill my feet. Now that I'm working and earning my own money, I'm looking to invest in a pair of comfortable boots, and pay more than I have previously! 
What brands of boots do you girls love?


THM/Trim Healthy Mama-Nutter Butter sugar free, low carb protein shake!

Today I'm sharing a new milkshake/protein shake recipe with you. I've gotten a bit sick of the other shakes for breakfast-while good, I can only eat the same thing for breakfast for so long. 

Nutter Butter Protein Milkshake 

In a blender place;

1 scoop of protein powder
1/4 cup of 2% cottage cheese
2Tbls peanut butter (without sugar!)
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1Tbls Of Erythritol
3 "doonks" of stevia (note: sweetner varies from person to person as to how much)
1/4 cup of water
Ice (the more ice, the bigger the drink, but I only put a handful or so in till it's drinkable but creamy)


Magic Chocolate Chunks-adapted skinny chocolate pg 371 in the book. 

In a bowl, melt 2Tbls coconut oil. 
Then add 1Tbls Erythritol, 1Tbls cocoa powder. Mix. Then add a small handful of cashews to the chocolate. 

Pour the chocolate/nuts into blender. 
Here's the magic! Let it sit till it's turned solid. After it's solid (a minute or so) pulse the blender. If you run the blender, it will just make a chocolate shake! So pulsing it creates chunks of nuts and chocolate. 
'Voila! Enjoy. 
Let me know what you think if you try it! 
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