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Am I the only one who feels like time has sped up soooo much?!? My weeks fly by in a blur of work, play and sleep. Can it truly be almost the end of January? 
With January comes a ton of paperwork for me. I do the books and payroll (among various other things) for our family business, so January is a fun month! Printing a seemingly endless amount of paperwork and filling out forms has kept me busy! Did you know I'm an obsessive perfectionist? Yep, so me and taxes have some, shall we say, issues? 

My mom had the awesome idea of taking my outfit photos in the hallway of our church building (we rent out an old school with quite a few businesses). I'm not at all distrubed to tell you these were taken in front of the bathroom. Where else do you take photos?! :D

Anywho...I've been kicking around the idea of doing another video, but then I think "what would I talk about?" So now I'm going to unashamedly shift the responsibility over to you my dear reader! 
What video would you like to see? 

Now that I've bored you with seemingly random bits that made sense in my head....
I'm wearing:Dress-C/O eShakti//Hat-gift//boots-Forever 21 $25


What I Wear-How To Wear A Skirt Casually


I know a lot of girls tend to wear jeans because they simply don't know how to dress a skirt down. I'm certainly aware of the fact that some occasions just do not call for "classy/dressy" outfits. I live in a small town where the majority of people wear sweats (not to mention comment)
So for me to head into Wal Mart in pearls, a LBD and heels is sort of ridiculous. There's a difference between dressing with care, and plain old dressing inappropriate for an occasion. Yes, you should put effort into how you dress. No, you should not go to  a casual event wearing stilettos and a dress suit. 

So, I'd like to share a few tips with you on how to wear skirts In a casual setting. 
  For instance, my sisters and I are going to the movies and a hockey game tonight. Obviously I can't wear something super dressy. So here's how I decided what to wear:
I chose my Kosher Casual skirt, it's long and comfy, yet not too dressy. The dark wash is good for settings where I might get something on me (I.E sitting in bleachers ; ) 
After I picked my skirt, my go to casual item is usually a hoodie. Hoodies can look frumpy very easily. Try to pick a hoodie that's fitted (I only wear zippered hoodies, which we call "zippies"). If it's baggy it just doesn't look good with a skirt (in my opinion). The obvious choice for under my hoodie was a matching tshirt. You could stop there, but I always like to add a cute pair of earrings and a simple necklace. Don't add a statement necklace or anything too dressy if you're trying to keep it casual. 
A note on my shoes, I used to think tennis shoes with skirts was absolutely tacky! However, I realized it was because I'd always seen people wear skirts with actual running shoes. While that's fine, it's not my style. I saw people like Ashley and Olivia sporting kicks and realized, yes! That's it! So here I am, wearing kicks (tennis shoes)
So that's how I wear skirts casually. What are your tips?

I'm wearing: Red Heart hoodie-thrifted $3.99//White shirt-Target $5//Skirt-C/O $16


What I Wear-New Post Series Announcement, Goodwill And The New Year

I'm wearing-Shirt-thrifted $2//Skirt-Thrifted $0.50//boots-Forever 21 $25//hat-Rue 21 $5.50
Am I the only one who thinks Goodwill's prices are obscenely high now on a lot of things!? It's gotten to the point where I only shop the 1/2 off tags! How does $20 for a stretched out, pilling sweater constitute "thrift store" prices? 
End of Goodwill rant....

I'm super excited to be announcing my "THM Tuesday" post series! I've held off doing this as I didn't want to flood my fashion blog with tons of recipes. However, after receiving a ton of comments from people saying they want more posts on healthy eating/fitness, I'm answering! So I will attempt to mesh fashion and food...

With it being January, a lot of people are starting new diets and making resolutions to eat better and/or lose weight. We'll see how my THM Tuesdays go and then decide from there if I'll continue. My goal is to post every Tuesday with something related to THM (
I'm going to start my series off by sharing a few tips I've learned since starting THM in August 2013;

1. Stevia is not sugar. Strange statement you say? Not really! For me, coming from only using sugar, I didn't realize you use A LOT less of stevia than you would sugar! It took me awhile before I found out that if you add too much stevia it gets an icky biting/metallic/bitter aftertaste. So if you're starting out with stevia, be careful and don't use too much! Taste, add more, taste again and so forth till you know how much you like.  

2. If you want to keep fresh ginger around the house, wash the ginger root, toss it in a bag and freeze it. Then when you want to use it, simply grate it (grind, chop, etc.). I prefer fresh ginger in my 
GGMS, versus the ground. (I also add a drop of cinnamon essential oil and a dash of cinnamon 
powder for blood sugar benefits)

3. Freeze heavy whipping cream in an ice cube tray and you have it on hand for much longer than you can keep it fresh in the fridge.

4. If you have any questions, join the THM facebook support group! (I would also be happy to answer any questions you have!)

5. Pretty much anything on Briana's site is amazing! 

6. And last but not least, you get to have homemade pizza on THM! We make our pizzas personal size, be sure to only use a roll size amount of dough so you don't have more than the carb allotment of 45grms. With personal pizzas you can also control the fat content and be sure no one is having too many carbs. I've found that using a plastic rolling pin is best, very time I use wooden, the dough sticks horribly. I think it's because the wood is porous and soaks up the water in the bread dough. (Also, please be sure to ferment your bread for AT LEAST 72hrs, otherwise it's not sourdough (the fermentation process eats the carbs).

(Gwen's sourdough velveeta shreds, turkey pepperoni, jalapeƱos, green chile, mushrooms-this is an "E" )


ATTN:Email Address Change

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Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know my email has changed. 
Please send all future emails to: NatashaAtkerson94(at)gmail(dot)com


What I Wear-New Year "Resolution" And Comfy Clothes

I'm wearing: Sweater-Rue 21 $6//Earrings-hand me down//Skirt-thrifted $3.99//Boots-Skechers $30//Essential Oil diffuser necklace-gift

Another year comes to a close, another one begins. I truly feel like 2014 was only 6 months long! It's been a whirlwind year filled with joy, laughter, tears and heartache. It was filled with pain and love, sorrow and beauty. 

I'm so blessed, but I often forget that. It's easy to focus on the things I can't change, instead of thanking a God who loves me so much. How could we ever think that we could earn His grace? That our measly selves are worth anything? Truth? God can use broken vessels, but only if they're empty of themselves. Empty of the expectation that life should go how we wish, empty of selfish ambitions and pride. An empty vessel in the hands of God is a work of art, each day yet another piece of beauty added.                  

I'm not much for "resolutions" but this year I'd like to dig deeper into my relationship with Christ. I'm tired of mediocre, surrendering only parts of myself isn't enough! This coming year I want to recklessly abandon myself to Him. I want to love more, laugh more and give more. 
   With His help I can block out the voices of others who discourage, instead of encourage. With His help I can love the unlovable and soar with wings like eagles. 

This is a new year, 365 days from now, who will you be? 

I would be so grateful if each of you would comment with a devotional/inspirational book you love, I'm looking for some to read this new year, I'll go first! 

My favorite inspirational book -Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis 

Have a blessed New Year and remember that each moment is precious-YOU are precious! Be the change you want to see.

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